As a part of a team, one of my most exciting projects that I worked on was the quarterly thought leadership Journal Outlook. For more than 15 years, our challenge was to deliver conceptual art that complimented the evolving business landscape.  Our client was truly accepting of high concepts that challenge and enlighten.


Outsourcing, Supply Chain, Data Analytics, Risk Management, Enterprise IT, and additional service sectors… through the years, a true creative challenge that was always an exciting endeavor. We had a client who was at the cutting edge of its’ business strategies — and brought us along in a creative journey that was difficult to match. Article after article, it was difficult not to share so many; the imagery beautifully framed the ideas that were poetic, introspective, “30,000 foot-view” and sometimes a little cheeky.




With the success of the Journal, in 2012 we made the transition to the web. For a time living in both mediums but ultimately existing only in the digital arena. Expanding my tool-box, I continued on as the creative lead and content creator.


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