IMG_9678-lr-bwAbdullah Hassan (Abby) was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY—he  now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Spending most of my adult life in New York City I had the privilege of witnessing the great tapestry that makes up the ‘big apple’. There is a restless energy that is relentless, and it commands your attention at of all time. I feel like New York has been the backbone to my design sensibilities. Within the city’s grid format, the architectural landscape holds the old world sophistication of Wall Street, The grandness of Midtown and constantly re-imagines itself for the future as exhibited with the High Line in the Meatpacking District. For me, New York has been a moving, breathing, evolving art installation. Known as “the melting pot”, I grew up in this dense city, sharing my space with an array of ethnicities, social cultures and subcultures. It is this textured pallet that has inspired my curiosities and ignites sense of adventure.

My wife and I now live in Los Angeles with our daughter. Now with the expanse of open spaces,  I’ve welcomed the change in lifestyle and bring my enthusiasm for work and life to the West Coast.

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